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Monday, October 26, 2009

Summary of past weeks

Again, it's been a long while... but I actually have lots to say about various things! I realize I should get started on them before I get overwhelm and post nothing at all ^^;

I'll have something to say about Mythic since I finally went back to trying premade modules played through Mythic. My first attempt had not been utterly satisfying but this new one went wayyy better. I don't think I have used any particularly clever trick to make it work, but I will describe things nonetheless, just in case. I keep screaming about lack of examples, so I better provide one ;)

I've also started a lunch-pause solo game at work and was surprised at what Mythic threw at me. I'll probably say a word about this one too soon.

Lately I've been reading through Planescape setting material as I took a new slap by Planescape Torment (which I've yet to finish!). The setting is just soooo different than the usual without being *totally* something else... Hopefully, I'll launch myself into a solo game of it soon, too.

And finally, I've gone back to Neverwinter Nights. Following my current obsession, I looked for Planescape modules. The first one was a big disappointment, but I still have another one to try. The other thing is that I suddenly wanted to play a Tiefling... and a properly stated one! I used LETO, character editor, to do it, adding custom items to simulate things the game wouldn't do on its own (racial resistances and powers). So far, so good :D... I'm actually going through the Original Campaign (/w Aribeth), which I found very boring the first time around (stopped at Chapter 2), and am now enjoying quite a bit. I'm roleplaying the character in my head (more or less) and try to do clever stuff with my familiar (oh yeah, she's a Sorcerer-Rogue tiefling) and... I can't explain why exactly, but I'm getting a very good vibe from the game.

I'll go into the Mythic games next time!

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