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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Using Mythic with a module

God I'm slow... Anyway, here's the first part of how I tried using a published adventure with Mythic and... got some issues at some point.

The adventure is the freely available (PDF) Hollow's Last Hope from Paizo. It's meant for D&D 3.5 with about four level 1 characters. I'll be spoiling things, obviously, so if you plan to play the adventure at some point and want all the surprises, you might not want to read this... I will try to keep to generalities most of the time, though, just because someone might want to try and solo it too.

I played with the four premade characters of the module, which I adapted to the FATE system (I hadn't bought the Mythic RPG rules back then). There's Valeros the fighter, Kyra the cleric, Seoni the sorceress and Merisiel the rogue.

The game starts with the PCs entering the town of Falcon's Hollow.
My group came in with a merchant whom they escorted. They got their salary and went on their merry way. I followed the module suggestion of linking at least a PC to someone from the town. Valeros thus knew a friend who he hadn't seen for years. Since this was not detailed in the module, Mythic was a good aid and my imagination was free to roam.

The friend's house hadn't changed and Valeros knocked. Follows the introduction of said friend's spunky young daughter, the bad surprise that said friend has caught a bad sickness and the whole town is actually touched. The local priests can't seem to do anything about it but the local herborist provides some potions to soothe the pain. It doesn't cure anything though.

All this previous part was made up as I went, and since I was writing on the computer for notes, I actually started writing a dialogue for all the characters and it was quite fun. It allowed me to develop personalities too. Mythic wasn't used here, but the game system was a few times.

Mythic interrupt! Yeah, we love these :P Absolutely outside of the original module boundaries, I came up with a bounty hunter stopping the group because he recognizes his quarry among them. Except he's wrong. Mythic was used here to define the bounty hounter (gender, minions, ...) and his actions. Random event! ... which I interpret as him suddenly getting the hots for one of the group ladies (I mean, "Create / Love"... c'mon!) and totally losing his cool. Some stuttering later, he's gone, but not before promising to return.
He was obviously added to the NPC list but hasn't popped up ever since. Which is sad.

This is where things went wrong. I tried to continue the adventure later, and wanted to try recording it as audio instead of typing (I don't even know why...) I was also tired, which didn't help with my patience and imagination.
Sadly, in a fit of exasperation, I deleted the recordings, so I have only my vague memories as proof of what went wrong. I remember having the group try to go to the herborist to learn more about the plague, but then fail somehow... and look elsewhere. This is where I went off the road of the module and tried to have Mythic help me. The biggest problem was that I still tried to keep to what the module explained about the town and the people in there, particularly the fact that there is a church with a main priestess and her acolytes. All I remember is that I was lost as to what to ask Mythic... I spent way too long reading the module to pick up details on the priestess (not much) and... I just gave up.

It gave me a cold shower at the time and I stayed cleared of the module for a long while. But it's obvious the context and I were at fault, not Mythic.

Thankfully, I ended up wanting to try again, forgetting about the mishap and starting over from when they tried to reach Laurel. By then, I had an eye condition that prevented me from looking at a computer screen for more than a few minutes in the bad days... so I wasn't going to type things... and I had to go audio once more. I was *very* wary of this, but it ended up going much better than I expected.

One thing I did was pull up the Neverwinter Nights game editor and select some audio background (music and ambient). It helped tremendously to set the mood and actually forced me to imagine the scenes to select the most appropriate sounds. I also tried to steer the story according to the module rather than push it offroad (I'm pretty sure that's what happened with the priestess part...) What I also did was switch to Mythic RPG. I converted the characters and used these rules for the rest of the game.

I'll listen to my recordings and make other posts sometime... soon... hopefully. But to sum it up: it went very well, with very cool surprises overall.

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