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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Current activities

I have quite a few posts planned in the future (all saved as drafts, hm), but I haven't had much time / energy to get to them these days. I blame fleas and work. Yeah... fleas. And it seems they're not gone yet. Oh well !

Upcoming posts :
  • My review of Hex Coda, a Neverwinter Nights module (that's NWN 1)
  • The next part of my roleplaying history
  • Possibly some stuff about my solo roleplaying : how I do it and what happens in the various games
  • A very vague "need that game!" post about a type of game I'm yearning for... but can't find, nor easily describe
  • I may also discuss the Pathfinder adventure paths from Paizo and their various Game Mastery modules (which are strangely under a "Pathfinder modules" section on their website... hm)


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