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Monday, May 18, 2009

My roleplaying history - Part 1 - The beginnings

To give a better understanding of my future posts about roleplaying and RPGs in general, I thought it would be good to go back to the roots and see how I came to discover this fine hobby and gravitate around it until it grabbed me.
I can see it's going to be rather long, so I'll make this into multiple smaller posts and hopefully talk about other things in-between.


I'm pretty sure it all started with the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. They introduced me to dungeons, strange humanoid monsters, traps and such things. Gamebooks in general were quite popular when I was around 8 and, in France, many series were published under the same hood, giving us quite a lot to have fun with, from heroic fantasy to space opera and survival horror.

Of these, the ones that I now hold in high esteem are actually from a series called "Destins" in french and "Virtual Reality Adventures" in the US/GB. One of the books is "Among Dead Men" and the other is "Heart of Ice". I'll certainly come back to these in a later post.

L'Oeil noir

The actual first entry into the world of roleplay... well... "-play" at least, was L'Oeil Noir, known as Die schwartze Auge in Germany and as the Dark Eye to english people. It's a gritty fantasy game that I discovered at my best friend's who got it from his older brother. I think he GMed the first game and... that's as much as I remember about how the game went. I think I wasn't entirely satisfied but saw potential. What I'm sure happened is that I bought the game from him later on (he didn't like it). I still have the box to this day, even though I've never truely invested myself in it.

Casus Belli & Backstab

I don't remember when it was exactly, but I started buying roleplay magazines with scenarios and articles about how to play and GM. I loved reading the various scenarios, discovering quite a few game systems through them, and reading the GM aids about such things as "how to deal with conspiracies in your game" or "how to introduce a circus troupe in your medieval adventure".
Accordingly to my personality, I spent a lot of time being quite content with just reading these, as if they were some kind of stories. I think I really liked reading about the possibilities within the scenarios, too (if my current obsessions are any hint).

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