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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Opening the blog

What is this all about?

I have decided to open my very first blog as an outlet for all the things I want to share. I will start things as a pot pourri of most of my interests and plan to narrow things down when I get more comfortable with it and spot what I want to share the most.

The topics I have in mind for now are :
  • Roleplaying games (D&D, Fate, Spirit of the Century, Starblazer, ...)
  • Video games (from Left 4 Dead to Monkey Island and Super Robot Wars)
  • TV Series (Firefly among others)
  • Anime series
  • and also game design

If I realize the topics are too incompatible with each other to make a coherent blog, I'll consider splitting it up... but we're not there yet.

Who am I?

A 26 years old french coder. Hopefully you will excuse the frenchism in my writings and my nerdy approach to things.

Looking forward to this!


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